July 6, 2009

Mono on FreeBSD

Categories: FreeBSD, Mono.

Mono 2.4.2 has just been committed to the FreeBSD ports tree, after being available for a few days in the BSD# repository.

The lang/mono port still has many patches to make mono build and run on FreeBSD, but still should change with mono-2.6: the mono trunk can now be build vanilla on FreeBSD.

So, what's coming next? Well, I have been working on splitting the deskutils/gnome-do-plugins in order to cut down a bit the *HUGE* amount of dependencies for building and running all plugins. Working on this proved that devel/monodevelop is somewhat ready to be committed in the FreeBSD ports tree, so expect at least these two packages to be available in the ports collection soon!

To finish, I want to thanks Florent Thoumie (flz@) for taking care of my Mono PR.

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