The POST method is (almost) DEAD!

Send a comment using your e-mail user agent!

Err… Wait! What's Going On?

Well… I see no reason for making my website dynamic. In fact I have some very good reasons for making it static:

  1. 99.999999% of the requests would be GET requests, making it ridiculous to compute the page each time it has to be send to the user agent (even if it's cached afterthat);
  2. Adding a comment to a dynamic page (i.e. updating it) should be done using the PUT method, which is unsupported by most web user agents. Using POST for that purpose is not RESTful;
  3. Dynamic websites need moderation: I hate both captchas and SPAM, so I would have to deal with spambots myself, which require more time than what I can offer.

Moreover, I don't see sending me an e-mail as a problem, it has even some advantages over a basic web-form:

  1. My inbox is the ubiquitous mean to send me electronic data, so I am very unlikely to miss your comment;
  2. You don't have to fill-in your full-name and e-mail address endlessly;
  3. Yon don't have limitation from a web-form (e.g. you can attach a patch);
  4. It is more interactive between you and me;
  5. SPAM can be sorted-out automatically;
  6. I check my mail on a regular basis.