July 11, 2009

Back from Libre Software Meeting 2009

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On monday, I decided to spend the end of the week in Nantes for the Libre Software Meeting (LSM). It was the first time I attended to this event and it was not really what I expected. By the way, there were quite exciting talks, and videos of some of them may be available for download (I did not found any yet but I guess some post-processing is required so we need to be patient).

Going there

As usual, the SNCF website was not of any help (worth website ever?) so I planned my train trip using the BAHN website.

Staying in Nantes

Once more, I really thanks Jean-Marie Favreau and his family for hosting me, picking me at the train, driving me to and from the event and the good time off the event (Best crêpes ever).


There were a lot of conferences on no less than 19 tracks, but I have to admit that the targeted audience of each is so different I was interested in 3-4 tracks. According to me, 2 out of 3 conferences were too short in time for deeping enough to get exciting for hackers like me or too general. So there is a bit of deception when I recall what I have seen / learned in conferences. On the other hand, some conferences where f**king interesting!


The cool thing in such events is that you can speak in front of people you usually speak with on the Internet, you meet cool people, and often realize that the unknown-guy in front of you has developed a cutting-edge library you are using everyday (well, you have the idea of what I mean). I had some interesting contacts for further project (Yay, I know I am ENOTIME... I don't mind :-) )

Going back home

The return trip was horrible. I had to go to Paris, to go to one train-station to another, and then go back to Clermont-Ferrand. I really don't like Paris, and the return trip was more then 2 times more expensive than the initial trip.

@{Nicolas Dumoulin} where were you at 15:20? Were not we supposed to met and go back to Clermont-Ferrand together?


On July 22, 2009, jadawin wrote:

Shit. Didn't see you :/

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