October 4, 2012

TeXLive 2012 on FreeBSD

Category: FreeBSD.

Two months ago (August 2nd, 2012), I updated the freebsd-texlive project to provide TeXLive 2012 to the FreeBSD community.

More recently (October 1st, 2012), I made major changes in the freebsd-texlive project to fix the long-standing problem of TeXLive shipping distfiles with no version in the filename and replacing them in place. After setting up a new mirror with renamed distfiles (sponsored by NFrance, a French hosting company using the FreeBSD operating system. Many thanks to them for providing hosting and bandwidth!), updating the program that creates and updates ports, updating the updating tools, switching to the new mirror and updating all ~2250 ports; all the caveats around this choice from the maintainers of the TeXLive distribution should be gone!

This change will however not be without consequences for users. Distfiles version numbers where created by using the date at which a file appeared or where updated on the upstream mirrors, but because of the mirroring delays, the file mtime could be earlier by more than one day. As a consequence, a file updated on 17th May, 2012 could have version number 20120518 (getting the real package version number in the distfile is a PITA). Because having the version in the distfile filename require consistent dates, the new ports use the date from the upstream distfile mtime, and many ports had their version going backwards… PORTEPOCH have so been bumped, and port management tools will want to update all these ports which are in fact unchanged.

It's the first time such a bad situation happen in the freebsd-texlive repository. I hope this will be the last and apologies to users who will be worried with this massive update.

Happy TeXing!

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