May 6, 2009

Baptiste, now you can drink at home

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This is a personal message for Baptiste Grenier (comme un grenier) who complained about the fact I had much more oil and vinegar sorts then wines and other alcohols the last time he came at home (and so took his own bottles).

Okay, I admit it, it was quite a problem. Here is a picture of my cupboard as of today (I admit that I attended to Vinidôme in the meantime):

You see Baptiste? Including what's in my fridge and on the kitchen's table I can count 15 bottles of wine, 2 of Porto, and only 7 kinds of oils and 5 different vinegars (not mentioning other alcohols).

Would you be happy to come eating one day?


On May 7, 2009, Baptiste wrote:

That's great, I will be able to visit you now! ;)

But I would suggest you to put the vodka in a freezer, and eventually put a bottle of porto in the fridge, it's better than adding some ice cubes. :)

No the next step will be to drink more wine than oil and vinager my friend ;)

On May 8, 2009, Romain Tartière wrote:


Actually, the white porto is in the fridge and I have not enought place left for vodka :-/ Just remind me to finish any openned milk bottle to save place a day before you come.

See you soon!

On June 22, 2009, Alex wrote:

Hi Romain !
I'd never seen how much bootles in your home !
Do you have perform a big party during may ? I think you have meet some 'normals' peoples since last year and your's geek side seem to be killed ;)

By the way, have fun and get the better you can reach !

P.S. : Mais pourquoi j'écris ça avec mon anglais pourri...?

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