March 10, 2009

mencoder switches I am always looking for

Category: Sysadmin.

This is basically a note for myself.

Each time I want to use mencoder, I have to search the man page at least 10 minutes to find-out the options I am looking for. But each time, I wonder why I am always searching for the very same options... This bores me, so let's list switches I should learn by heart:

-ss <time>
Seek to given time position.
-endpos <[[hh:]mm:]ss[.ms]|size[b|kb|mb]>
Stop at given time or byte position.
-vf <filter1[=parameter1:parameter2:...],filter2,...>
Setup a chain of video filters.
Yet another deinterlacing filter

Putting it all together, what I want to type-in fetching this post of my own blog is something like this (save the 10 first seconds of the fifth minute of a movie):

mencoder -alang fr \
  -ss 5:00 -endpos 10 \
  -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4 \
  -vf yadif=0 \
  dvd:// -o out.avi

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