November 3, 2008

make mayonnaise

Category: The Real Life.

Today was the second time I tried to make mayonnaise.

My first attempt was a total failure. I followed the instructions a friend of mine gave me (we can resume this as Oh! It's easy! It's the only thing I known cooking! You melt the yolk of an egg with the same quantity of mustard, then you add cooking oil slowly and it magically turns into mayonnaise).

Seeing people making mayonnaise instructed my I was doing it wrong.

I am a lot more proud of my second attempt:

The spoon is really standing alone!



On November 3, 2008, Baptiste wrote:

I can't understand how you were able to fail to make a mayonnaise with my sister provided recipe I gave you... :)
Usually the only thing that makes a mayonnaise fail is a Red Flagged woman...
Nevertheless it looks quite good :)

On November 3, 2008, jm wrote:

Good job! A vegan version of the mayonnaise can easily be cooked substituting the yellow part of an egg by soya cream.
A few months ago, I talk with a french pastry chef told me that a mayonnaise does not need the yellow part of the egg. ;)

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