May 9, 2008

[patch] Opening the fridge from the right side

Category: The Real Life.

Most of the time, you open(2) a fridge device on the left side. Most fridge implementation ./configure scripts however support a --open-from-the-right-side switch so that you compile a device that fits your environ(7).

Because of the geom(8)etry of my kitchen (and because it is unbelievably small), I relied on such a feature to make(1) fseek(3)ing my fridge easier. But since it is not a Microsoft Windows one, it does not features so called HANDLEs (it is POSIX compliant though and so provides descriptors).

So, my problem: I know that my fridge has to be opened from the right side, but most end users try to open it the wrong way. And since there is no handle to help them figure out it has to be opened from the other side, they pull hard.

I took a couple minutes hacking two patches that should fix the issue. The result is visible below:

My fridge's door, featuring « ouverture facile » labels
The door of my fridge with patches applied (files at Deviant Art).

Nobody tried it yet, but if it proves to be helpful, I will certainly push these patches upstream :-P.


On May 10, 2008, jm wrote:

What a beautiful patch! There is an handle on my fridge, so I does not need your patch, but I am interested on the source code of your patch...

On August 4, 2008, Tony Shadwick wrote:

So -- I'm lost. I don't see a diff for your patch. Furthermore, while trying to apply your patch my cat got stuck in my fridge while I was trying to do a dump on another appliance. Once I flushed the buffer in the other room I managed to extract cat && make, but alas - no one in my house speaks french! Horrible localization job!

You're an evil man. :P

On August 5, 2008, Romain Tartière wrote:

@jm and @Tony Shadwick , if you click the Download link on the DeviantArt page, you will fetch a tarball containing both .svg files.

FYI, I sent an e-mail to the manufacturer of the fridge proposing them to include stickers with their devices but didn't have an anser (yet?) :(

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