July 11, 2009

Help Wim Vandeputte

Category: The Real Life.

After my call for saving the FreeBSD magazine, I want to tell you about Wim Vandeputte.

In each Free/Libre software event I attended, Wim was the guy promoting OpenBSD.

Unfortunately, Wim and Theo recently clashed (full story on Wim's website) and Wim decided to stop promoting OpenBSD in such events. His main concerns are now:

  1. make room because he has a lot of stuff in his house;
  2. get money back, because these goods have already be paid.

If you are interested in helping this cool guy, go visit his website at http://kd85.com/ and buy some stuff.

I also would like to thanks publicly Mathieu Pasquini, founder of InLibroVeritas, for his gift so that I can give a few more euros to Wim before leaving from LSM.

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